Thursday, November 20, 2008


My DELF B2 exam got over yesterday. What a relief! I slept peacefully. I desperately need that certificate and I think its coming. The hard work of the last 4 months seems to be paying off. I was just eating, drinking and sleeping French for the last 4 months. I have lost count of the number of magazines I read, the number of websites I used for French audios and the number of French movies I watched in the past 4 months. My fear of not being able to talk for the 20 minutes session of ‘Speaking’ section had nearly driven me out of my mind in August. But I did speak for 20 minutes and how! The decision to pursue DFA 1 and B2 part 1 together was a good gamble. I was advised it would prove tough but it has worked in my favor! The writing section turned out to be very easy; thanks to the exercises we did during DFA 1.

Finally my thanks to all the resources materials that helped me in my preparation for the big day:

  1. Le Français dans le Monde. The magazine and the accompanying audio cds are a must for any French language student. More information on
  2. Radio France Internationale. The daily news broadcasts and interviews with authors, film-makers, politicians and people from diverse fields immensely help you to acquire the requisite listening skills for level B2. More on, the radio and French language
  3. At the B2 level you are also expected to understand the Canadian accent very well, in that case Radio-Canada,
  4. France 1, for all the information about all that goes on in France.
  5. TV5 Monde. For the help needed related to French exercises similar to the questions of the DELF exams
  6. Alliance Française de Bombay.
  7. Alter Ego 4, Campus 4 and Café Crème 4. The best textbooks possible!

I am so happy! Vive la Francophonie!


ElKri0BelZak said...
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Darrinmarcus said...

I just found this via google. Did you pass the test?

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