Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Lexically correct.

My mom has a curious affinity for dictionaries.

She loves them. She can’t seem to purchase enough of them. We have an English, Marathi, Hindi, French and even an Urdu dictionary at our place.

She taught me how to read a dictionary when I was 6 years old.

So when some months, when my sister asked my mom for some cash to watch the movie ‘Tashan’, my mother responded in the negative straight away! Taken aback, my sis demanded to know the reason for her refusal.

Our mom said that the word ‘Tashan’ is definitely not Marathi. She explained that she tried to find its meaning in the Hindi AND Urdu dictionaries and her efforts came to zilch. Hence, given that the word ‘Tashan’ is meaningless, mom reasoned that the movie is bound to be meaningless. She staunchly refused let one rupee of her money to be wasted on idiotic ‘scenes after scenes’!

My sister never got to watch the movie. Her friends went for it. They called her in the evening to say they wasted their time and money on ‘Tashan’ and my sister was fortunate to have escaped the ordeal. My sister prompted reported their views to our mom. Mom patted herself on the back for her lexical logic.

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