Friday, November 21, 2008

Bio! Bio! Bio!

Back when I completed class 12, there was a big mania for pursuing a bachelor’s degree in biotechnology / microbiology / life sciences and in that order. I bet half the people who jumped into these streams did know what they where getting into. For example, I have a friend who did her BSc in Biotechnology and is now completed disappointed about her decision. She did not like. She is now trying do an MBA and says that she didn’t like one single day of her biotech studies! There is a boy who also followed the same course of studies and is now pursuing perfumery. But at least his post-graduate studies have something to do with his Bachelors! I know another two girls who did their BSc in microbiology and are know studying management saying that microbiology was useless. Well there is nothing wrong about people studying management, but I completely disagree with them when they say that their studies related to the biological sciences were useless. Their reasons for choosing their Bachelors were wrong. We do not do our Bachelors just because newspapers like ‘The Education Times’ scream that the future holds great ‘scope’ for these fields. We choose our careers based on what we like. If you don’t like anything, you are bound to be in a mess.

Anyway, what I’ve found out over the last 4 years is that Bachelors degrees in Agriculture, Horticulture, Biology, Botany, Zoology, Biotechnology, Microbiology and Life sciences have nearly the same standing in the job market. It is only if you pursue a masters in one of these fields does it make sense for your careers. Now since I am in a studies councilor mood, let me tell those confused souls out there pursing one of the above fields what to do. If you can’t move abroad, it pretty difficult and expensive to make good careers related to the biological sciences. However, there are education options in France and Germany which provide good education at relatively affordable costs.

Learn German and/or French people. That will prove to be a good career move.

Then look through:

1. DAAD for courses like food processing, environnement protection, masters in beer brewing, wine etc.
2. CAMPUSFRANCE Search for courses related to the same fields. You will come across good courses.

Don’t worry. Your career decision is a good one. Just sculpt it properly

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