Friday, December 28, 2007

Self-imposed underemployment!

I met a bus-conductor on the regular 8 am bus to college. This man was blowing his whistle hard at the bus driver to take a proper reverse. I was in for a little fun as usual. I blew my whistle at him and threw my fake snake at him. A few laughs later, he was talking to me, telling me about his academics and inquiring about mine. I was shocked to know that he holds a B.Sc. in electronics from Nashik University. Moreover, he had also cleared the prelims of M.P.S.C. exam twice and that of the U.P.S.C exam once! He couldn’t clear the mains in both cases. Astonished, I was, at his present choice of occupation and I asked him why he was working as a bus conductor. Pointing at his forehead, he blamed it on his destiny. This shows the lackadaisical attitude that exists in our country towards employment. I mean, surely, this person can definitely find some better occupation. The problem of unemployment amongst the educated youth seems to be more of a lack of street-smartness and common-sense than that of insufficient jobs!

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nabarpriyanka said...

so true...u just spoke my mind

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