Friday, December 28, 2007

Hindutva in India

As a person who been brought up in a Hindu family and more importantly in India that has a predominant Hindu population, I seriously wonder whether there are any true Hindus in this country.The incidents such as the ones mentioned below force me to think in this manner.v . An estimated 5-lakh female fetuses destroyed every year to avoid the ‘brunt’ of a daughter’s upbringing. That means 10 lakh people (5 lakh mothers and 5 lakh fathers) Hindu or otherwise do not follow any religion. This figure stands for one year and has been and is multiplying with each passing year. I shudder to think how many sinners this country has to sustain for the crime of female infanticide and foeticide. Add to this number the unscrupulous gynecologists executing these crimes. Diabolic. All of them.
“ A person who silently suffers from injustice is a bigger sinner than the one who inflicts injustice” – Bhagvad Gita. Yet we come across countless women who unflinchingly suffer from domestic abuse at the hands of their husbands for years, decades. Why do they do so? Just to keep their honour (?????) intact. Just to show the society that their marriage is strong. To what lengths can people go to preserve a farce? Thus, we come to the conclusion that all these women and their husbands cannot be Hindu or of any religion. Add the in-laws, if involved. Such shameless hypocrites!v All criminals – rapists, thieves, murderers, smugglers, etc. do not belong to any religion. They just know selfishness. You know, in case of rapists, even the rape victims should be treated as sinners if they don’t fight for justice. I mean, how can a victim be quiet about it? There are so many cases of rape that go unreported especially the ones involving assaults by friends or family members. I know it is easier said than done but Goddess Durga isn’t worshipped for time pass, is she? Rapists should be ideally burnt alive but no, the society simply doesn’t seem to understand this.

All corrupt politicians, bureaucrats, policemen, and people giving bribes have no regard for ethics, humanity and totally lack a sense of justice. The question of being religious does not arise. I wonder whether these guys plan to take all the money to their graves. Paisa kha kha ke kitna khaoge bhai? These people have seriously thick skulls, considering that all the black money can be invested in improving public health care infrastructure. But no, but these idiots solemnly swear that they lack all conscience whatsoever. To hell with the country to which they are in great position to provide service!

People with no regard for punctuality are sinners. All religions place high importance on timeliness. Thus, all those following the IST – Indian Stretchable Time, do not really follow any religion.

Everything works according to their convenience.Krishna preaches in the Bhagvad Gita that caste is not hereditary. It is based on the person’s choice of occupation. Throughout the history of civilization, men have taken up the professions of their fathers due to high-level exposure to that kind of work during their childhood. There are many exceptions to the above case. Those are the individualists who opted for a profession of their own choices. This shows that caste is not inherited but decided by the chosen occupation of the individual. So pray, tell me why is the society divided into so many illogical sections such as SC, ST, NT, OBC OPEN and other blah, blah, blah. Our ancestors committed the sins of discriminating against ‘lower’ castes by terming them untouchable and treating them inhumanly. Why? Because most of the lower castes, especially the ‘shudras’ were engaged in menial jobs like keeping the villages clean. Such morons! Will the village/town remain clean without people to look after cleanliness and sanitation? No. Yet our highly educated Brahmins and Kshatriyas preferred to act like demons and propagated caste based discrimination in society. Result. Caste based hatred and discrimination till this date. No wonder the quota-related reservation fracas! Someone, please tell the men and women running our country to start concentrating on producing employable graduates from our universities!!!! However, that brings me to my conclusion that all those believing in the caste system being hereditary and not profession-based are not Hindus as they are not obeying Lord Krishna himself. That makes all people claiming to be ‘Hindu’ but saying that they belong to so and so caste are downright hypocrites. So much for the country holding the world’s largest Hindu population! These statements just don’t apply to Hindus but to people across all religions.

Okay, as for now I think I better stop here. I need to spend some more time thinking up of other ways in which people can be termed religion less. In the meanwhile, if you think of some other ways in which we can claim that people call themselves of a certain religion just for convenience, then please let me know. Till then, bye!

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Michael said...

Nathalia! Tu est trop "modest." You didn't tell me about your blog! I love it! jusqu'a ce moment j'ai lu seuelement quelque posts, mais j'adore votre "wit and style" d'ecrire. Despite having to go to work every day I have made some progress on the famous "paper" that I am writing. Je voudrais bien t'envoyer quelques pages, mais tu doit agreer ne pas le partager avec des autres, d'accord? La raison est que j'espere to publish it when it is completed. Si tu veux le lire, s.v.p e-mail me again et je reponderai. est-ce que tu est encore en france, ou a l'Inde? (pardon my French, c'est pas ma langue!) Michael

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