Monday, December 31, 2007

The Necessary Evil - Celebs Gone Wild

Hi there, I have recently taken a liking for VH1, it’s a cool channel, great music and some cool entertainment shows. It’s just like the Entertainment page of Bombay Times in action. I recently enjoyed watching this show called ‘Young, Hot Hollywood’. It was a complete entertainer, packed with all the antics of young media created American celebrities like Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson, Lindsay Lohan and the likes. The above brigade also have their British counterparts – the WAGS – Wives and Girlfriends of English Footballers (Victoria Beckham leads the pack here), who lead similar lifestyles. The paparazzi would go bankrupt without them. Or maybe the other way round. Methinks this is a chicken-and-egg problem. But never mind that. The show had a liberal sprinkling of the spending sprees each one of these dumb (or extremely smart) people goes on, the dating games they play and most importantly, the money they earn. These people are filthy rich and they earn big bucks. No wonder their spending is proportionate to their earning! I used to think that a whole bunch of them were blowing up their parents’ fortunes (Not Britney Spears though.). Oh! So ignorant about the celebrity culture! Inaugurations, product launches, and disco appearances – everything fetches them big bucks. Add to it their respective designer lines! COOL! So what if you end up on the wrong side of the law every other week. Jail time is a part of life man!

Tragically, these people are emulated the world over and have youth all over the North America, Western Europe and now certain parts of Asia, including India trying to live like them. (No matter if their exorbitant annual expenditure considerably exceeds their annual income!) As more and more people have large incomes, the spending on luxury brands increases. Just click here to see what companies are doing in India. Luxury product companies must be having the time of their lives if sales of designer clothing, accessories, cars, etc. are currently on an upward spiral. This explains to a certain extent the rise in the number of people willing to pursue a MBA in Luxury Brand Management. Big business man!Even though ‘Young, Hot Hollywood’ is important for driving the growth of Luxury brand companies, with the companies themselves admitting their importance, we cannot afford to get obsessed about them, nor give them more importance or print space than necessary. (I’m giving them extra cyber space though!) Trying to live like them is foolhardiness, a definite no-no.

A whole lot of us need to remember that they are spending the money they earn and are not running up hefty debts. None of them has bad credit. No matter how much extra publicity or popularity Paris Hilton earned from her jail term,

Cars + alcohol = Disaster.

Cars + Drugs = Doomsday

The Hilton girl and her comrades have either a rich and famous family or huge fortunes to fall back on. Everyone else doesn’t.

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Volksgrenadier said...

i guess the trick is to make tonns of money, and pimp it like crazy :D

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