Friday, December 28, 2007

For the Love of Studying Abroad!

My favorite pastimes are Yahoo! Answers and reading. I can’t decide which one I prefer the most. I am addicted to books and Yahoo! The whole thing is that I love answering questions, even more than I love thinking up weird questions. I am sort of a braggadocio really! I like to show off what I know. A bit immodest but I can’t help it! The thing is Yahoo! Answers give me the most wonderful platform to be extremely useful and at the same time get an ego boost! I love it when people from across the globe tell me that what I told them was extremely helpful. I am the top answerer for Yahoo! India in the Studying abroad section and I feel good about the fact that I can tell people the right thing to do and simplify certain things for them. Making an investment to move to an alien land just for better education and life, in the processing altering the A-Z about your world view and lifestyle is not a joke and no can afford to go wrong. Even worse, is to be duped or mislead by some selfish crook out to swindle your money in the promise of admission to some ‘phoren’ university! The most popular foreign education destinations have their own education portals to assist international students and only they should be contacted. You got to be safe man! In case if you ever plan to study abroad, contact the following sites and their offices in your nation:

  • Erasmus Mundus Programs:

Now these are not the official websites but should prove useful:

All the best for your erudition in a foreign nation!

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