Friday, May 1, 2009

My Elections Story - 2

Popat! That is what happened to me! Not just me, but also my sister and my best friend. Outrageous! Preposterous! Scandalous! Our names did not turn up on the electoral rolls! We registered for voting but we simply did not figure on the lists! Shame on you Election Commission! You deprived young voters like me of our right to exercise our franchise! Shame! Shame! It would have been the first time that we would have joined the dance of democracy but we were deprived of the privilege! Even some elders in our housing society found their names missing from the rolls! Horrendous! Despicable! Contemptible! Better work next time EC! I DO NOT intend to miss out on the Maharashtra Assembly Elections.

P.S.: Please do not turn the next elections into a long weekend also. That was largely responsible for the low voter turnout in Mumbai.


Bhushan said...

similar thing happened with me.. but at least i m glad that i came to know where the problem actually lies.
Had a personal experience at a candidate's office back home who said that it is candidates who dont let educated ppl (as they can make rational choices) get enrolled for voting.
Only if this problem could be rectified!

RUDES said...

Cool words.

Natalia said...

Mr. Rudes why don't you simply admit that you aren't as good as me in English? The words are not incomprehensible, check the dictionary!

RUDES said...

thanks for that but i also pity the lack of vision that both, sorry four eyes that you have share. I also insinuated IMPECCABLE DICTION,which THEY compeleteply seem to have misplaced somewhere on this page. ( I suggest you read my comment again )

Ms Natalia seems to amuse herself by sarcastic attacks on others rather than appreciating positive points on her wiritng.

Natalia said...

I registered my protest against "SHEER SHOW OFF" but you had no option other than to admit that I DO HAVE "IMPECCABLE DICTION".

Anyways, I appreciate your certification of my vocabulary level. I hope it comes handy at during the annual performance appraisal!

P.S.: Sarcasm is the figure of speech I loathe the most!

Natalia said...

Mr. Rudes, you seem to forget the people have only two eyes. If those eyes malfunction, then we use spectacles and not another pair of eyes to rectify the problem!

RUDES said...

They say that blowing things out of proportion is a habit of those who can't control there emotions and can't refrain themselves from going on refuting fruitlessly, they just can't comprehend the main essence. TANT PIS.

I STOP HERE. after all got to show how much more MATURED i am naaaaa!!!!!

Natalia said...

Dear He Who Needs To Declare His Maturity,

Refuting baseless allegations does not amount to blowing things out-of-proportion. Neither does acknowledgement of genuine compliments. Period.



armageddonsaviour said... of Shouting on the Problem, we need Solutions like the above ...

So called Responsible Citizens of the nation ...

It's the Citizens who make the nation ...

Automatic Intellgent reverse feedback mechanisms is the need of the hour.

Automation & Technology can come to our rescue.

Also Read:
http://ideas.obamacto.orgIt is the Maturity of Operations & underlying Process that defines success of basic Operations & activities going on in a nation / organization.

Take any site of any Indian Politician.

Youngistani Indian Politicians now need to focus not on cinematography of publicity websites / campaigns, but the depth of agendas & benefits these will be to people & the nation.

The following site is Simple but is objective oriented.

And the credibility of the person says it all.

http://ideas.obamacto.orgWe need such people here.

Indians need answer from Chief of Election Commission of India who ensures that "None of the Above" Vote Button in strict compliance to Section 49-O not be there on a single Voting Machine.

This psychologically affects National Integrity & Voter Turnout, even if law & order is maintained.

Such people are directly responsible.

ach_85 said...

Yeah.. maybe if thousands others bombard the blogosphere with complaints against EC then this problem might get noticed. I agree this is a serious problem

Natalia said...

I was heartbroken that day. To not be able to vote when you are eliginle and have registered makes one feel like a lesser citizen. I am pulling out all stops this time to make sure my name is on the electoral rolls!

Natalia said...

Btw, Achintya, I doubt if the Election Commission is smart enough to be in sync with the Blogosphere. After all they couldn't use the calendar properly! The turned the voting in Maharashtra into a long weekend and chose a great wedding 'mahurat' as voting day in Delhi. These people simply don't understand their countrymen or understand them to well and exploit this to ensure that voting remains low! Shame!

ach_85 said...

@ natalia.. actually the impact of internet and blogoshere is not limited to net users. It actually shows can represent a mass opinion. And one fine day this would catch some journalist's attention who would write on it.. and thus this would become news. That is how things start

Volksgrenadier said...

don't worry, since my name was there multiple times onthe lists, i voted for all you unhappy sods :)

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