Thursday, May 7, 2009

Beautifully refreshed! - Courtesy Vodafone

This Vodafone ‘Beauty Alerts’ ad refreshed some comical memories. Those Zoozoo kiddies are reminiscent of my sister and me as pre-schoolers. I remembered a similar episode that took place when I was 6 years old and my sister 3. My sister and I had cried buckets that day because we had been scared out of our wits! I remember it clearly despite my young age. Mom had put on a face pack that had turned white on drying up. She looked nothing less than a phantom! My sister and I had fled the house and had taken refuge in our neighbour’s home. All efforts to calm us had to be aborted due to our singular refusal to stop howling and see reason. Even my grandmother failed. We had agreed to step into our house again only when mom had washed her face clean and seemed to be mom again.

Good job Vodafone!


ach_85 said...

Ohh... then I think you can understand what would have happenned to the 4 year old kid who one fine day, suddenly saw his father standing in front of him, without mustaches. :D
God! I still remember that day

Natalia said...

Having experienced the inability to relate to a parent's sudden desire for a revamped look, I perfectly understand your distress in such a contingency. ;)

Esther said...

I love zoozoo's =D

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