Saturday, December 20, 2008

Mind your language

At my agriculture college, I was some sort of a mini-celebrity, the reason being that I am fluent in English. My classmates, most of them from rural Maharashta, never seemed to realize that there are thousands like me, who speak the language of our former colonial rulers very well, in fact better than me. People would always seek my advice to improve their command of English. Honestly, most of them were horrible when it came to speaking the Queen's language. Being no teacher of English myself, I was often clueless about the guidance to give. My general counsel would be to listen to English news on TV and to watch English cartoons (unfortunately Cartoon Network doesn’t air cartoons in English anymore). They did not think it would help them. People on TV speak English too fast they would complain. I didn’t know what to say beyond that. But now I do know what to tell people when they ask me that question about English improvement. Watch movies on HBO, Star Movies or Zee Studios as they have English sub-titles for their English dialogues as that way people can improve their English listening and reading skills. Gradually they well start speaking well too. I feel like screaming this out from the rooftops. I so wish all people in our country become fluent in English. The Indian industry won’t face shortages related to employees who can’t communicate properly in English. Job seekers will find better employment. One more step towards development

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