Friday, January 9, 2009

Maharashtrians! Learn Marathi first!

I am a Maharahstrian. I speak Marathi at home and with friends. My head was pretty fucked up by Raj Thackray’s tirade against North Indians. The idiot went about screaming that Maharashtrian culture is under threat from Hindi speaking bhaiyas. He wants everyone living in Maharashtra to learn Marathi which is a good and practical idea. But I hate the man. I hate his ways and I hate him for admiring Adolf Hitler never mind if he condemns (superficially?) the Holocaust. This guy seems blissfully unaware of the fact that 22.37% of Marathi people themselves cannot read and write Marathi! And this is Maharashtra government data. 13.8% Marathi men cannot read and write whereas 32.5% Marathi women cannot read and write Marathi. Horrible! Horrible! Marathi culture cannot be threatened by non-Marathi speaking people. It comes under threat only when Marathi people ignore the Marathi language. But I’ll tell you; these politicians loathe the idea of 100 percent literacy. Their dim-witted ideas will not find an audience then.

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Volksgrenadier said...

weird thing is, if you wish to float a political party in India, you have to start off being anti something. Else by being pro something, you don't get any publicity.
Ive decided to go with anti-educated if i start my politicfal party. with the level of litrecy in india, i shud be prime-minister by the end of the first election.

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