Thursday, December 11, 2008

Ban on Google Earth? Are we missing the point?

People have been talking about the use of Google Earth in the planning and execution of the terror attacks of the 26th of November 2008. A ban on Google Earth will prove completely pointless. Consider this: Google Earth was launched on 28th of June 2005, much after other terrorist attacks like the one at the Olympic village in Munich in 1972 were Israeli athletes were taken hostage by Palestine fidayeen, the hijack of the IC 814 in Kathmandu in December 1999, the hijack of the Indian Airlines flight 182 Kanishka by Khalistani terrorists in June 1985. Did the terrorists have access to Google Earth back then? The recent attacks in Mumbai took place because our security agencies failed to act on intelligence reports. Terrorists exploit loopholes in security and the callous attitude of administrative personnel at all levels. Troublemakers and terrorists will cause mayhem unless and until we become vigilant.

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