Wednesday, October 1, 2008

"Indian Women can't divorce." - Yeah right, Madam I.A.S!

There are sometimes when I wonder if education really brings about a change in our attitudes towards our self and towards life and society. One would normally expect highly educated people to being more sensitive and informed about socio-economic and political issues and evils. It is however these very people who seem to repeat sins of thousands of years and ensure that they are not eradicated. Look at this for example. I spoke to my English professor from junior college recently. She narrated an incident about her friend (female), an I.A.S officer, who is also married to an I.A.S officer. This lady’s husband is an alcoholic and a wife beater. This lady I.A.S officer puts up with abuse 24/7! Her friends, including my professor, advised her to divorce her husband, as it is the only solution to her problem. Her response to this counsel left them scandalized. She said that she could never do something like that as she is an Indian woman and that she will end up losing her face if she is divorced!!!!!!!

My heart goes out to those women who are trapped with dangerous husbands due to financial constraints or simply due to being ignorant about the fact that they can legally get a divorce, but this idiot just makes me nauseous. Education has not made any difference in neither her husband’s attitude nor her own.

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Volksgrenadier said...

so since the problem isnt being eradicated, lets take a look at your basic premise. "educated women" or rather the word "educated". do you really think anybody is getting educated in the true sense of the word in this scenario in this country?

dont take me wrong, i know what a fire brand patriot you are (or maybe you used to be), but some things here are drastically wrong and i am too much an anarchist to do anything about it :)

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