Saturday, April 5, 2008

Education Abroad

So want to fly oversees huh? Dreaming about exploring another continent? Meeting different people? Very good. You could have given very tough competition to Christopher Columbus himself! Talking about great explorers, if the land discovered by Abel Jansoon Tasman seduces you, use the website Yes my dear friend, New Zealand was discovered by Mr. Tasman on 13th December 1642. Use the website well!

Now, lets move to the former Terra Australis Incognita, yes Australia, the land found by Captain James Cook and a few adventurous souls before himself. All of them sponsored by the East India Trading Company offcourse!! is their website to help out confused souls like yourself. Help yourself and find courses that shall prove of interest to you.

But I must say the most fascinating and successful discovery was made by Senor Amerigo Vespucci a few weeks before Christopher Columbus did on the 12th October 1492. Yes people , The Land of the Free, the United States of America. This discovery continues to fascinate us till this day and if you are equally fascinated, attracted to its everlasting charm is the thing for you. As we are in India, it would be wise to consult

And finally if you would like to study in the land of our former colonial rulers, is the website to look out. Moreover, the United Kingdom has this site to know the rankings of colleges.

In 1497 an Italian named John Cabot sailed west from Bristol, England, intent on finding a new trade route to the Orient for his patron, King Henry VII of England. This particular heroic gentleman ended up finding, Canada. If you dream of the North pole for your neighbourhood, head straight for this country. The Governement provides a website called and choose the English version.

Finally, when you choose colleges, make sure you find ou the email address of their head of international relations and send them your queries and do not forget to attach your CV. All the best!

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